Expedia Promotions

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Expedia Promotions
This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > EXPEDIA > PROMOTIONS and explains how to manage Expedia promotions directly in Beds24.

You can add and manage promotions directly from Beds24. You can deactivate promotions, but not delete them.

If you add or change a promotion use the context help (? icons next to the settings) for instructions.

Expedia promotion.gif view demo

Beds24 does currently not support black-out dates for promotions. If you need to set black out dates for promotions you can set them in Expedia.

Reccurring Promotions

If "Reccurring" is enabled, this discount can be repeated for each night, and the number of repetitions is not limited.

Example: you offer 1 free night if the guest stays 3 nights and a guest books nine nights.

Reccurring = yes -> the guest gets three nights for free

Reccurring = no -> the guest gets one night for free