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Tripadvisor Rentals iCal
This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > TRIPADVISOR RENTALS ICAL and explains how to synchronise with your Tripadvisor Rentals calendar. 

The secret key method to export inventory has been discontinued by Tripadvisor. If you are eligible you can us the Tripadvisor Rentals Content API.

We also have a certified XML connection which is more reliable. You should only use iCal if you are not eligible to the the API connection.

1 Capabilities can import bookings.

For details please click here

2 Limitations

  • Bookings imported by iCal have limited information, usually only the guest name, number of guests, booking number and dates are provided.

3 Export Inventory to Tripadvisor

1. Tick "Inventory".

2. Copy the URL shown at Calendar (Inventory).

3. Log in to Tripadvisor

4) Go to the calendar menu "Sync with other calendars".

5) Select calendar type "Other"

6) Give the calendar a name, this is only for your reference.

7) Paste the calendar URL from Import Calendar (Inventory) into Tripadvisor

4 Import bookings into Beds24

8. Go to "Export Your Calendar" in Tripadvisor and copy the supplied iCal URL

9. Paste the Tripadvisor Export Ical URL into the setting "Export Calendar (Bookings)" and save.

10. Tick the bookings tick box and save.

Beds24 will monitor the calendar and import bookings from it.

5 Disconnect

  • Unticking "Inventory" and "Bookings" will stop the synchronisation for a room.