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iCal (short for iCalendar) is a common file format that allows you to share room availability.

iCal can be used for booking sites that provide no or limited API capabilities, or address specialised or niche audiences. Many holiday rental sites support Ical so you can use the Beds24 Ical Sync for updates. For example:

  • ebab
  • only-apartments
  • and many more

We provide an Ical export to export inventory and an Ical import which imports bookings and for some channels specially constructed two-way iCal based connections.

Do not use iCal to sync with With Google Calendar we have a proper two-way API connection which is faster and more reliable than iCal.


If you are using Ical Export and Ical import and it is not setup carefully the same booking can be exported and re-imported repeatedly in a loop. Please see the [ICal_Export| Ical export instructions] for information about breaking the loop. You would enter the URL something like the following into the external system: 
There is a tool in Ical import to delete all the imported bookings so you can start fresh.
If there there was a booking which has been cancelled and the channel sends a new one for exact the same dates the original booking gets overridden. If required copy the booking and amend one of them manually.

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