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This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > JASONS



Beds24.com can export rates and inventory. Beds24.com can import Bookings.

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This tutorial explains how to set prices for channels.


Rates will only be exported with inventory, Rates alone will not export.

"Extra Person" prices cannot be exported.

What you will need:

  • Your Jasons NZ/Holidayguide username and password.
  • The property and room code for each room you want to synchronise.


Jasons NZ: Log in to your Jasons/Holidayguide account and go to Setup/Options. Scroll down to automatic updates and select Beds24.com. Make a note of your property ID. Change to the Rooms page and make a note of each of your Room ID's.

Beds24.com: Sign into your Beds24.com account and go to the Synchroniser. Select Jasons NZ and change it to enabled, click Save. Enter your username, password and property and room ID's in the fields and enable the link for each room. Click Save again to save your changes. Rates

If you choose to export Rates the rate exported for each night will be the best (lowest) rate found available for a one night stay on each night. The prices used are the synchroniser export price in any valid rate with Jasons.co.nz enabled for export and the daily price table If no enabled single night price is found the date will be exported as unavailable. If you choose to export Inventory only, the prices and minimum stay details already in the Jason's system will not be altered. Bookings

New bookings will be imported to the specified room. If a booking is imported that matches your property id but not a room id it will be imported into the room with the lowest sell priority setting which has the synchroniser enabled.