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This page explains how to use the channel manager with the  Jomres Plugin

The Jomres plugin gives you an interface to the channel manager which you can use to synchronise your booking channels. Jomres creates the properties in Beds24. You set up the channel manager in Beds24 to connect to the channels.


1 Capabilities

The capabilities of the connection depend on the channel. With and many others we have a two way XML connection so can export inventory and prices and import bookings and modifications to bookings. Check the capabilities of the channels you want to use

  • Jomres can send multiple prices and one minimum stay for each room for each date.
  • If you need more complex pricing (e.g multiple channels with different prices for each) you have the option to create them in Beds24.
  • Beds24 sends bookings back to Jomres.

2 What you will need

  • Accounts with the booking channels you want to use
  • A Beds24 account. You can sign up here.
  • The Jomres plugin

3 Where to get help

For issues regarding the interchange of data between Jomres and Beds24 please refer to your Jomres plugin support.

For issues regarding the setup and data interchange between Beds24 and Channels please contact Beds24 support.

4 Set up

By default Jomres is designed to be a multi-vendor booking platform. Managers who have their own beds24 accounts can import their properties to and from beds24 securely.

There are two-ways you can make the connection,

1. Single Connection

  - Jomres is connected to one master account in Beds24, every manager in Jomres that has access to a connected property can send updated to Beds24. The API key in jomres needs to be set on the administration area in Jomres under Settings > Site configuration > Integration

2. Multiple connections

  - Each manager will have to connect using the api key, in this connection please leave the "above" setting "Blank" 
  • The connection is initiated from Jomres. Please follow the instructions for the Jomres plugin.

Test the connection is working by:

  • 1) Checking the prices/availability have been sent to Beds24 correctly.
  • 2) Making a test booking in Beds24 and check it imports to Jomres

Enable the prices for Channel Management

  • You can enable the Jomres price rows for channel management at the menu Settings > Properties > Rooms > Daily Prices .

Connect to the Channels

  • Go to SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER in the Beds24 control panel and connect the channels you want to use. You will find specific set up instructions for each channel when you click on HELP or habe a look here.

Set up in Beds24 is free and you can do it yourself. Beds24 is designed as a self service system with context sensitive help, extensive documentation and a free-of-charge ticket support system.

5 Bookings

Bookings can only import into Jomres if there is a price in the price field. If the channel did not send a price Beds24 will use the the min price for the room. Make sure your setting for SETTINGS->ROOMS->SETUP "Minimum Price" is greater than 0 so these bookings can import

5.1 Why did a booking not import?

  • When checking why bookings fail to go from Jomres to Beds24 it is best to start with the Jomres log, please log-into your Jomres (administrator back-end) > Jomres > Tools > Log Files > Beds24v2.application.log

You should be able to see the exact reason why a booking did not import or export.

6 Redirect to Jomres Booking page

You can use the Booking Redirect URL setting to redirect traffic from the Beds24 booking page to your Jomres booking page. This can be used with tripconnect, the facebook app etc. so the guest does not see the Beds24 page.

To pass collected dates to Jomres add the following to the end of your Jomres booking page URL


To show your Jomres booking page within the facebook app it will need to be hosted with a secure certificate and the URL must start with https://

7 Managing Bookings

Do not delete bookings from Beds24. Deleted bookings can not be updated. Instead set the status to "Cancelled". Beds24 will then send the "Cancelled" status to Jomres.

Bookings which have been manually added in Beds24 will also be sent to Jomres. If not open the booking go to the "Logs" tab and click on "Resend Notify".