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Pre-Arrival Tool
This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > PRE-ARRIVAL-TOOL

1 General Information

ChargeAutomation provides a free Online Pre Check-in tool for Vacation Rentals & Hotels.

For Beds24 normal channel manager fees apply.

2 Capabilities

The tool lets you:

  • Collect guest ID/passport
  • Collect ´credit card scan
  • Collect Email, phone number
  • Collect selfie
  • Accept "Terms & Conditions"
  • Collect E-signature
  • Collect information (i.e. arrival time, email, number of guests)
  • Offer upsells
  • Import booking modifications

3 Set up

Step 1: Activate Rooms

Go to (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > PRE-ARRIVAL-TOOL set "Synchronization" = enable for all rooms you want to connect to ChargeAutomation

Step 2: Connect to ChargeAutomation

  • Login in to ChargeAutomation
  • Under PMS tab you select Beds24
  • Select your pre-arrival preferences
  • Map guest responses

For further information please use the help in ChargeAutomation.

4 How it works

When a new reservation is received, a link is emailed to the guest to complete their pre-arrival.

Information collected from the guest is posted back to Beds24.

5 Troubleshooting

6 Disconnect

To stop Beds24 sending data untick the check boxes in (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > PRE ARRIVAL TOOL