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Account Preferences
This page is about the menu   (SETTINGS) ACCOUNT > PREFERENCES

On this page you account wide preferences for the different areas of the control panel.

The context help (click on the ? icon next to the setting) gives detailed information about each setting.

1 Control Panel

In this section you can adjust general settings.

The current version of the control panel is "New Control Panel".

Default colors are

New Booking #fe746c

Request Booking #7bcbed

Confirmed Booking #019cde

Cancelled Booking #c7c7c7

Rates #7aab0a

For sub accounts you can set if they see the old (default) the new or if they can choose themselves. In the new control panel click on the „User Icon“ -> „Account Management „ (or SUB ACCOUNT in the old control panel) to adjust if you want your sub accounts to have the new control panel or allow them to choose.

When you change versions custom CSS for the control panel will need updating. We recommend you comment it out or remove it. If you want to add custom CSS specifically for the new control panel you can do this by targeting the class .controlpanel3

2 Control Panel Calendar

Set how you want your data to display on the CALENDAR page.

The "Unit Status Presets" allow you to set the options you can choose in the CALENDAR and in the housekeeping modules on the DASHBOARD.

3 Bookings

Define how do display and administrate bookings.

The "Booking Flag" can be used to make bookings with a color and a text. The options defined here will be available for selection in the booking.

"Booking Info Codes" are used to mark bookings with certain criteria so they can be selected for example for reports or Auto Actions. Some info codes are automatically added from information the channel sends. You can also apply info codes yourself. The options defined here will be available for selection in the "Info tab" of the booking.