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 This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > PRICELABS

Pricelabs can automatically send daily prices to Beds24.

To use this integration you will need to sign up for an account with Pricelabs revenue management tools.

For Beds24 the normal channel manager fees apply.

1 Capabilities

Priceslabs reads historical bookings (no personal data) and daily prices from Beds24. They use this data to calculate prices for future dates and sends these as daily prices as Beds24.

Pricelabs sends one price per day and can send a minimum stay.

2 Limitations

3 Set Up

  • Tick "Enable" for the rooms for which you want to receive prices from Pricelabs.
  • Copy the "Pricelabs Key".
  • Log into Pricelabs and use the API key to connect by pressing the blue connect button.

If you need a new key just click on "reset key" and enter the new key in Pricelabs.

4 Common Problems

Minimum stay or Price from PriceLabs is not updating in Beds24

  • Check the value you have set in (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > ROOMS > SETUP
  • Leave Minimum Stay = None and Minimum Price = 0.00 (or your minimum) PriceLabs can NOT cut/reduce these values.
  • PRICES > DAILY PRICES, > DAILY PRICE SETUP set the details, rules.
  • Leave Minimum Stay as None (or your minimum) PriceLabs can NOT cut/reduce these values.

5 Disconnect

Un-tick - Enable and click Save.

Login to your Pricelabs account and click on "Disconnect" to terminate the connection.