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This page is about the Menu SUB ACCOUNT-> RESELLER

Resellers can brand the system with their own logo and URL. They can include their own value adding services and sell these with the system to end users.

Revenue options for resellers:

  • Package online booking system with a lodging web site
  • Setup fees (set up the system, and install it into your users website)
  • Fees for customisation
  • Support or management fees
  • Monthly usage fees (based on services used or flat rate)

Reseller services include:

  • Beds24 online booking system and (front end and backend) white labeled for distribution. The channel manager can not be completely white labeled because setting up connections with booking channels means exposing that you connect through Beds24.
  • Your own branding, logo, fav icon and styling
  • Access to both booking page and backend control panel under your owndomain
  • Fully developed, hosted and continuously updated system
  • Access to all functionality to set the system up as per your users needs
  • Email sent through your email server
  • Sign up web page for new users
  • Do-it-yourself system with technical support for reseller only (not end customer)
  • Assistance from Beds24 to learn the system so you can train your users
  • Multilingual system that can be used in any country in the world

A Reseller Needs:

  • To pay a fee for the use and maintenance of the system
  • Your own email server if you want to use your own Email address for outgoing Email
  • A domain name that you will use to run the system
Note: You need a secure page you will need  SSL see  here for more information.

Activate Reseller Functions

  • Send us a support ticket if you are interested in using these functions.
  • After we have activated your reseller functions go to SUB ACCOUNTS (top right menu) - RESELLER
  • Enter the name of the subdomain you want to use ( e.g. Your subdomain has to have SSL. This help document explains what you need to do.
  • Enter your Business name, the marketing URL for the "powered by" link
  • If you would like to use your own logo image and favicon for the control panel send both files with your owner ID to [email protected]
Note: Your logo and Favicon are only visible when you log into the system from your own domain. 
*The link to log in form your subdomain is for example:
*The link to the sign up page from your subdomain is for example:

Please note that a fee applies if you want to use this feature. You can see the fee in SUB ACCOUNTS -> MANAGE ACCOUNT


If you want to use your own wiki you can download the current version of our wiki at [1].

Add Customers

For instructions how to create and manage sub accounts for your customers please refer to the sub accounts section.

Links to set up instructions are available at the start page of the support wiki. For a summary have a look here


A monthly minimum fee applies for resellers who use their own branding.

When you go to SUB ACCOUNT-RESELLER you can view the "Account Usage Fees" for all sub accounts.

When you go to SUB ACCOUNT-RESELLER "Manage Account" for a sub account you can view the "Daily Usage Statistics" and "Account Usage Fees" for a specific sub account.

You can pay for your account in SETTINGS-ACCOUNT-BILLING. This is also where you see a complete overview on all charges.

The channel manager can not be completely white labeled because setting up connections with booking channels means exposing that you connect through Beds24.

Terms and Conditions for Resellers

In addition to the terms and conditions published on our web site at the following conditions apply:

1. A reseller operates under his own business name. He cannot operate under the Beds24 or MPK Systems business name.

2. A reseller can not copy and content from our web site including, texts and picturesand use it on your own web site.

3. A reseller is responsible for all his sub accounts. In case of abuse we reserve the right to disconnect accounts.