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This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) PAGENAME > PAGENAME XXX followed by explanation on what to find on this page. 
Diese Seite ist über das Menue  (KONFIGURATION) PAGENAME

The two elements above are at the top of each page directly after the categories. Next element is the the contents (below).

1 General formatting

2 Headline 1

2.1 Headline 2

2.1.1 Headline 3 Headline 4



bold & italic

Underline (not used)


Source code -> used for code examples, on many pages pre (blue box) is used for code which should be replaced

"apiKey": "my_very_secret_api_key",
"propKey": "secret_key_for_prop_XXXXXX"
"bookId": "[BOOKID]",
"description": " Commission",
"status": "",
"qty": "1",
"price": "-[COMMISSIONNUM]",
"vatRate": "7.00",
"type": "0",
"invoiceeId": ""

  • ul list
    - definition
  • ul list
    • ul list
      • ul list

  1. ol list
  2. ol list
    1. ol list
      1. ol list

internal link (pipe)

external link (no pipe)

Warning used to point at information which is critical

Format of an important warning

Tip used for additional functions, references etc.

Required Skills:

Use the context help for information on each setting. used for reference to the context help

used for reference to the settings menu left

Used for news about new feature

Used for news about upgrade

Used for news important info

Used for news new partner

Used for news

no [[wiki]] ''markup'' used for content which should not show in wiki format i.e. links which should not be clickable.

Horizontal line Text before used on the news to separate the news (first before a line is shown in the news module on the Dashboard)

Text after

Inline style red text used to apply individual css - only for temporary special formatting on the start pages. For other formats classes should be created.

Inline style green text

3 Hide content which is being worked on

Hide a section NOTE: Hidden content can not have headlines because headlines are not hidden

4 Collapsible Elements

Used for FAQ, Examples

Headline for collapsible text

This is the collapsed text.

5 Images Images with a "view large link" - images can be animated gifs

Wizard calendar.gif view large


Wizard calendar.gif

You might need to do a couple of hard refreshes to see the uploaded image. Or try a different browser.

6 Videos

6.1 Youtube

6.2 MP4 Upload


7 Tables

Item Quantity
0.3 kg $0.65
0.125 kg $1.25
Item Quantity Price
Bread 0.3 kg $0.65
Butter 0.125 kg $1.25
Total $1.90

8 Formatting of content types

8.1 Examples

Example on individual page:

Use "Collapsible" if there are many examples on the page or if examples are long.

8.2 Headline for collapsible text Make sure you add the correct hierarchy if you want them to show in the agenda

This is the collapsed text.

8.3 Step by step instructions

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

9 How to

9.1 Add image

Add image:

You can adjust the size.

9.2 Change Image

9.3 Make a redirect

#REDIRECT [[pagename]]

#REDIRECT [[:Category:Glossary]]

10 All Pages and categories

11 CSS


12 Sidebar

13 Sample context help

14 All Special Pages