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This page explains how to keep your account secure

You might have read about security issues around phishing in the hospitality industry.

What is happening

Criminals are gaining access to guest data and using it to contact the guests asking for full payment in advance. The guest thinks it is the hotel and transfers the money to the criminal.

All the criminal needs is the email address or contact information for the guest.

How they do it

Hotels are receiving phishing emails disguised as messages from a booking channel or channel manager. These emails contain a link to a fake extranet site where users are entering their username and password, unaware of the pending risks. The “phishers” are collecting these credentials to then access extranets and collect customer data such as credit card details, telephone numbers and email addresses. Using this information, they are then reaching out to guests attempting to collect payments.

What can you do

  • Be careful with any email asking you to login to an account and make sure you are logging into the real website.
  • Make sure your Email account and all other online services with guest details are secure.
  • Use different passwords for each online service containing valuable data and make sure they are strong, not names or words etc.
  • Keep your anti-virus software up to date.