Sell room as dorm and private room

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This page explains how to sell a room as a dorm and also offer it as a private room

Example: You have a dorm with 4 beds which you also sell as a private family room.

1. Go to SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->ROOMS and create a private room with a max. occupancy of 4 guests and a dorm with 4 beds (please see the set up instructions for hostels).


Private Room:

  • Requires Availability in = Dorm
  • Combination Logic: 4 units (the number of dorm beds you have) must be available


  • Requires Availability in = Private room
  • Combination Logic: 1 unit must be available

Leave all other settings set to the defaults.

Note: If you are using dependencies please test thoroughly to make sure your set up reflects your rules. If you are connecting one physical room more than once to a booking channel you are risking overbookings.