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Apply a multiplier between 25% and 250% to all prices on this day.

100 = same price

Multiplier < 100 = price reduction

Multiplier > 100 = price increase

Example: Your price is 100. A multiplier of 125 increases the price to 125% to 125. A multiplier of 75 lowers the price to 75% to 75.

The multiplier will be applied to both your booking page and channel management prices.

To apply rules to automatically change prices go to PRICES > YIELD OPTIMISER and create one or more rules.

However, the yield optimiser does not override this price multiplier if there is a value in here already.

If a value has been automatically entered by the yield optimiser it will be highlighted with blue background, if it was entered here manually then there is no highlighting.

If you use rates you can deacativate the multiplier by setting "Allow Multiplier" = No in the Summary tab of the rate.

When you click on the icon a menu with customization options will open where you can also change the position of the row.