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This is the description for "Prefered Room Charge" = per date

You can customise the default description for a booking to appear on the invoice. Template Variables can be used to insert information from the booking.

If this is left blank a default description consisting of the room name, check in and check out dates [ROOMNAME1] - [EACHSTAYDATE] will be used.

An invoice item status value can be defined by adding a pipe "|" symbol to the end of the description and the status value after the pipe.

When using multiple languages, the status value must be added to each language.

You can add the translation in every language field.

For example:

English: Accommodation [ROOMNAME1] - [EACHSTAYDATE]

German: Übernachtung [ROOMNAME1] - [EACHSTAYDATE]

If you change the language manually in a booking, this will not change the description which has already been saved. You need to change the description manually in this case.