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Cancel Bookings
Direct booking can be cancelled by changing the status to "Cancelled". For bookings from channels the cancellation has to be made on the channel either by the guest or by the channel. If this is not possible you can change the status in Beds24 and set "Allow Channel Modifications" = No in the "Details" tab of the booking. This will stop the channel to override the status change but not actually cancel the booking in the channel.
The cancel function lets you set a cut off date prior You can allow guests to the arrival where cancellations are allowed. It is also possible to set individual cancellation periods depending on season, rate and even per individual booking. If you use this function the guest can log in and cancel bookings themselves within your rules. By default the system uses the policy you can set under SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> BOOKING RULES. You have the option to override these settings for offers or individual bookings. If you allow cancellations you can send your guests a link to let them cancel via the system without contacting you. Include the template variable [CANCELURL] into your e-mail confirmation message. When guest cancel a booking they will receive a system notification that the booking was cancelled. If required you can set up an additional Auto Action Email in SETTINGS -> GUEST MANAGEMENT -> AUTO ACTIONS.
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