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* needs a room price for the maximum number of guest.
*Prices for "Extra Person", "Extra child" and discounts set in the "Discounts" tab of the rates can not be exported to
*If you use daily prices with "Extra Person" prices your daily price needs to be set for the max occupancy and the "Extra Person" price needs to be added with a negative value. This price will send as room price for the full occupancy.
*If you want to send a single price and a room price you need to ask to activate the single price option for you.
* If you need prices for more occupancy levels or for example a non-refundable rate or your rate plan contains meals you can create additional rate plans in [[Booking.com_XML:_Create_Booking.com_Rate_Plans_in_Beds24|SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER->BOOKING.COM->MANAGE RATE PLANS]].

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