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<div class="heading">Stripe</div>
''This page is about the menu SETTINGS->PAYMENTS->PAYMENT GATEWAYS->STRIPE''
Stripe will display the booking reference in a data field called "data-description".
 <span style="color:#fe746c;“ >{{#fas:exclamation-triangle}} '''</span> To use STRIPE to collect Channel payments ONLY and not show on your Beds24 Booking page, then use Enable = 'Internal Only' '''
== Functionality ==
When you are finished testing, delete the two test keys and connect in live mode with the "Connect to Stripe" button.
<span style="color:#fe746c;“ >{{#fas:exclamation-triangle}} </span> Do not use API keys to connect in live mode, Stripe considers this insecure and will limit functionality.
== Troubleshooting and Issues ==
'''Payment request does not show the Stripe payment button '''
If Strong Customer Authentication is activated payment requests will not work if the "Balance Due" in the booking is zero.
'''Pending payment did not trigger '''
Pending payments will not work with the Stripe ApiKey connection method (i.e. test mode).

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