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Connect PMS with API

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<div class="heading">API: Connect PMSor OTA</div>
This page explains how to connect a PMS to the Beds24 API for Channel Management
== API setup ==
Create an API Key for your Beds24 account at Settings > Account > Account Access
The JSON API functions are recommended
== Create Properties ==
Use JSON createProperties to create properties and their rooms via API.
Descriptive content can optionally be added to a property and it's rooms with JSON setPropertyContent
== Setup Price and Channel Mapping ==
Prices are defined in up to 16 daily price rows per room type.
Use JSON setDailyPriceSetup to create the daily price rows and map them to channels, including any rate codes.
== Send Price and Availability ==
Price and availability can be set per room type with JSON setRoomDates
For each date, up to 16 prices, the number of rooms available, minimum stay (room level), maximum stay (room level) and check-in check-out restrictions can be sent.
== Bookings ==
There is no need to send bookings to Beds24, it is better to manage inventory by setting number of rooms available with JSON setRoomDates
Make sure to adjust your inventory levels to account for the channel booking in Beds24.
== Booking Notification ==
When a booking is created, modified or cancelled by a channel, we will send a notification push to a URL specified by you.
== Booking Detail ==
Booking can be read with JSON getBookings by specifying the booking number from the notify push.
== Booking Modification ==
If a booking is modified by a channel, you will receive a notify push and you can read the new booking detail.
It is up to your system to compare the new booking detail with the original and determine what actually changed.
 == Questionnaire Content== So we can best support you and if desired promote your system, please send us the answer to these questions. 1) What is your Beds24 account number? 2) What is the name of your system? 3) Main contact person at your system for technical issues? 4) Number of properties you intend to connect? 5) Names of the API The JSON functions you are using getPropertyContenyt and estimated number of unique calls per hour? 6) Do setPropertyContent allow you want to be listed as a Beds24 partner and promoted by us? 7) Unique function or selling point to promote your system?pull/push content.

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