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=== Listings ===
*With a single-unit listing (Listing per = Room - the recommended setting for new connections) a listing is created for every room in Beds24. **The name is constructed "Headline" for the listing comes from the "Property nameRoom Headline" from in SETTINGS-> PROPERTIESCHANNEL MANAGER-> DESCRIPTION and ROOM CONTENT. If this field is empty the "Headline" in SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER-room name> PROPERTY CONTENT will be used.**The "Property Name" comes from the "Name" in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES-> ROOMS-DESCRIPTION. If you want to give each listing its own property name even though they are in one property in Beds24 you can enter a unique "Name" for each in SETTINGS > CHANNEL MANAGER > VRBO / HOMEAWAY XML >SETUPSPECIFIC ROOM CONTENT.
*With a multi-unit listings (Listing per = Property NOT RECOMMENDED, only use this option after consulting with your activation specialist) one property in Beds24 is a listing in VRBO/Homeaway. Rooms are units in this listing.

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