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====Send Email to you guest - Upselling additional nights - nights available after checkout ====
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To send an automated Email to the guest confirming that it is possible to extend their stay.
Trigger Tab :-
*Trigger Event = Checkin (depending on when you want to notify the guest)
*Trigger Time = -2 days (depending on when you want to notify the guest, in this example 2 days before arrival)
*Trigger Window = 2
*Booking Source = All
*Booking Status = All but not cancelled
*Group bookings = Trigger all on master
*Template Variables = [IFBETWEEN:[TURNOVERDAYS]:0:3:yes|no|no] equal yes
This template variable tests if there is 3 days between the guest booking and the next booking.
Message tab :-
*Send Email = Guest API/Smart Email (or one of the other options)
*EMail Subject = Enter the appropriate details
*Email Text = Your text, using the template variables to modify the specific text in the booking.
[IF<=:[TURNOVERDAYS]:3:Your apartment ([ROOMNAME]), which you booked for [NUMNIGHT] nights from [FIRSTNIGHTSHORT] to [LEAVINGDAYSHORT] is currently available for up to [TURNOVERDAYS] extra night(s)|].
We are very happy to offer you to extend your stay a [PROPERTYNAME] at the exceptional rate of [ROOMTEMPLATE3][PROPERTYCURRENCYBACK] per extra night. If you would like to extend your stay then please send an email to our Reservations team [PROPERTYEMAIL] confirming the number of nights you would like to stay and provide your Booking Reservation Number [BOOKID] and Offer ‘EXTRANIGHTS’ for the special Price.
Booking Info Tab :- Optional
*Booking info code = EXTRANIGHTS,
*Booking Info Description = Upsell email sent [CURRENTDATE] :[ROOMTEMPLATE3][PROPERTYCURRENCYBACK] per extra night


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