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This page is about the menu SETTINGS->APPS & INTEGRATIONS->TRIPTEASE

To use this service you will need an account with Triptease

For Beds24 the normal channel manager fees apply.


The integration allows you to show a Triptease rate comparison widget on your booking page.


The Triptease widget only works on the responsive booking page.

Set Up


  • Get your Client Key and Hotel Key from Triptease.

  • Enter your Client Key in the "Client Key" field
  • Enter your Hotel Key in the "Hotel Key" field
  • Tick the inventory boxes on the rooms you want to allow Triptease to compare prices. Leave the rooms unticked which you do not want to use for price comparision
  • Go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PAGE DESIGN->LAYOUT and click on "Manage". Add the "Triptease" module to your layout. If you use the "Rocket" widget it does not matter where you position it. It will automatically appear on the right side. If you use the "Inline" widget you will need to position the module where you want to show it on the booking page.

How it works

Beds24 will send a price comparison request to Triptease whenever there is a price on the booking page whenever prices for the ticked rooms which are available.

Triptease processes this price according to your Triptease set up. For help and information about the Triptease set up please contact Triptease support.

Sending Booking Information to Triptease

Triptease uses information about bookings which occur on your booking page.

You can send the booking information to them by including the following script on your booking confirmation page.

Settings > Booking Page > Developer > Confirmation Page Insert in HTML <HEAD>

Change the text YOUR-HOTEL-KEY to your Triptease hotel key and change YOUR-CURRENCY-CODE to the 3 character currency code of your prices.

<script async src="[PRICENUM]&bookingReference=[BOOKID]"></script>

[PRICENUM] and [BOOKID] will be automatically populated with values from the booking.