Voucher Codes

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This page is about the menu SETTINGS-> PROPERTIES -> VOUCHER CODES 

You may define voucher phrases and discount codes. If a guest enters the phrase at the time of booking the specified discount will be applied to their booking.

Multiple phrases can be defined for each discount, separate them with commas.

Typical uses of discount phrases may be for purposes such as offering certain customers loyalty discounts or running a marketing campaign with bonus discounts for people in-the-know.

  • If a discount is compulsory then the phrase must be entered to make a booking. Guests that do not enter the phrase cannot book.
  • You can deactivate discount codes for a daily price or RATE (in the "Discounts" tab of the RATE). If a booking has more than one rate the voucher code will be applied to the whole booking.

The voucher code will appear on the booking page before the first obligatory percentage upsell item or if none, at the end of the upsell items. It will only apply to the items before it not after so you need to arrange the order of the upsell items accordingly.

In REPORTS->CUSTOM REPORTS you can create custom reports which include the voucher codes.