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This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS)  APPS & INTEGRATIONS > XERO Direct integration with Xero accounting software. Send us a support ticket if you are interested in beta testing

Xero is online accounting software which provides business owners with real-time visibility of their financial position and performance in a way that’s simple, smart and secure.

To use this integration you will need an account with Xero. Beds24 normal channel manger fees apply.

1 Capabilities

Beds24 can send invoice information from bookings to Xero.

Xero diagram 2.png view large

2 Limitations

You can only connect one Xero account to one Beds24 account, however this account may use multiple organisations.

3 Set Up

Step 1: Connect Xero

Click the Connect to Xero button, log in, and then click "Allow Access".

Step 2: Select the organisation

Click on "Get Codes" to access the organisations you have set up in Xero.

If you have have multiple organisations set up in Xero choose the one you want to use for this property.

Step 3: Enable the desired rooms

Set the rooms for which you want to use Xero to "Enabled".

4 How it works

The connection works by creating invoices in Xero from booking invoices.

Once enabled for a room, any booking in that room will have a "Send To Xero" button on the invoices tab.

  • The default for the reference number is a combination of the booking number and the Beds24 invoice number (if assigned). The field can not be blank but if you want to you can change the reference.
  • The default for the "Due date" is one month from today. You can change it if required.
  • The default for the "Status" is "Draft". You can change it if required.

5 Delete Invoices

Invoices can only be deleted within Xero

If an invoice is sent with the status "AUTHORISED" it cannot be deleted in Xero, only voided.

6 Common Errors

Xero will disconnect your connection after 60 days of inactivity. You will need to go through the connection process again if this happens.

7 Disconnect

Disable the rooms for which you do not want to send invoice information to Xero, or click the disconnect button to permanently remove the connection.

Your Xero account is connected to all of your properties in a Beds24 account. Clicking the disconnect button will disconnect all properties.