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Zettle POS
This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > Zettle and explains how to set up a connection with Zettle 

1 General Information

Zettle is a POS system for restaurants, bars, coffee shops and similar establishments .

To use this connection you will need an account with Zettle.

For Beds24 the normal channel manger fees apply.

2 Capabilities

With this integration you will be able to send invoice charges as products to Zettle to collect the payment via Zettle.

When the products are paid they will appear in the "Charges and Payments" tab of the booking in real-time.

3 Limitations

Beds24 only imports payments for products which were sent from Beds24.

Beds24 cannot automatically create invoices in Zettle.

Zettle does not support negative values. You can send total sum is you have negative values in an invoice.

4 Set Up

Step 1: Activate rooms

Tick "Synchronize" for all rooms you want to connect.

Press SAVE.

Step 2: Connect Zettle

Click on "Connect to Zettle". Logging into Zettle will automatically connect you.

4.1 How it works

After you have connected Zettle you will have the option to send invoice items to Zettle.

  • Open the booking, go to the Invoice tab and click 'Send to Zettle' button.

Payments will be sent back to Beds24 and after a payment has been recorded the invoices items will be deleted from Zettle.

5 Common Problems

6 Disconnect

  • Untick "Synchronise" to stop sending bookings.
  • Click "Disconnect" to disconnect Zettle fro Beds24.