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Use of the API

The API functions are available at

To use the API you need to allow API ACCES. Go to SETTINGS -> ACCOUNT -> ACCOUNT ACCESS and allow API access. The API is available at The XML functions can be accessed with your Beds24 username and password. The JSON functions can be created with a API and prop key which you set yourself in the Beds24 control panel SETTINGS->ACCOUNT and SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->LINK

The default limit is 60 API calls per 5 minutes for an account

You should design your interface to eliminate unnecessary calls.

If you put a delay of 5 seconds between calls you should have no problems.



  • getBookings will return the real time information about the bookings which are in the Beds24 system.
  • You can specify a date range. If you do not, the default is to return from now for 1 year.


  • sets daily prices and inventory and min stay

The values will be sent to all channels which are activated for these values in the control panel.


  • gets invoice items as a .csv file


Where can I find the API documentation?

The documentation can be found directly in the API.

What do I need to do to receive credit card details though the API?

Your systems must be PCI DSS compliant to receive credit card data. Please contact via support ticket for further information.

Can I delete bookings though the API?

You can cancel bookings though the API but not delete them.


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