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You can set up to 10 daily prices per room prices.

1 Limitations

Use rates instead of daily prices:

  • to fill gaps when a minimum stay is required
  • if you have children prices (these do not send to channels)
  • for prices for extra guests or extra children (these do not send to channels)
  • if you want to allow guest to enquire when no price can be found but the room is not fully booked
  • if you want to link prices and use the channel manager with multiple rate codes for a channel (daily prices can only be mapped to the room they were set up for)

2 Rules for Daily Prices

Click on "Edit".

The name you enter will be displayed in the CALENDAR. You can set the "Maximum Guests" the "Minimum Stay".

2.1 Offers

"Offer 1" is your standard offer to the guest which is always displayed. Only set "Offer" to 2, 3, 4 if you have activated additional offers.

2.2 Linking

Daily prices can be linked so changing a price in one daily price will update all the daily prices linked to it. The linking can be within the same room or between rooms and between properties.

When linked, the price cannot be entered directly, it will always be imported from the linked daily price.

Daily prices can only be linked to non linked daily prices, i.e. you cannot create a link to a linked daily price.

Linking only imports the prices, the daily price will still use it's own rules for number of people, minimum stay, channels etc.

Linked Daily Prices can not be sent to the Channels, you need to have an independent daily price if you need to send to an OTA.

A percentage or fixed offset amount can be specified for the imported price.


  • Offset amount = 0 will apply the original price.
  • Offset amount = 10 will increase the original price by 10.
  • Offset amount = -10 will lower the original price by 10.
  • Offset percent = 0 will apply the original price.
  • Offset percent = 10 will increase the original price by 10%.
  • Offset percent = -10 will lower the original price by 10%.

2.3 Activate for booking page and/or channels

You need to define where a daily price is used. If you do not tick at least one tick box the daily price is inactive and not available in the CALENDAR.

2.4 Color

You can apply your custom color. The default color is #4aa41c

3 Add additional Daily Prices

Set "Number of Daily Prices " to the number you need.

4 Enter Prices

The prices are entered in the CALENDAR.

Go to the CALENDAR and enter prices

5 Additional restrictions

  • In the CALENDAR you can limit the days on which check-in and/or check-out are allowed. You can also set minimum stays if these vary by season.
  • A "Same Day Booking Cut off" can be set in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->BOOKING RULES.

6 Delete Daily Prices

Daily prices which are not required can be deleted.

Unlink any linked daily prices before deleting.

7 Combination of Rates and Daily Prices

You can use

  • Only daily prices
  • Only rates
  • A combination of daily prices and rate.

If you use a combination of daily prices and rate a daily price can adjust the prices for an individual date or date range.

The "Strategy" for your rates and daily prices will determine which will be used. By default the system will offer the lowest price which meets all the rate and daily price rules. You can define a price strategy for daily prices in SETTINGS -> BOOKING RULES. Under "Daily Price Strategy" you can set if daily prices can be undercut by rates ("Allow Lower Prices") or cannot be undercut by rates ("Do Not Allow Lower Prices") or you do not allow any other prices than daily prices.

If you have daily prices for different occupacies this setting needs to be set to "Allow lower prices".

Note: Rules in Rates have no effect on daily prices.

8 Prices for OTA channels and your own booking page

Prices are used for the channels and/or the Beds24 booking page according to what is ticked under "Enable" in the daily price settings.

See this help page for specific information on how to set prices for OTA channels.

9 Check Prices

The 'Price Check Tool' shows you which prices and rules apply for specific dates/selections and why a certain price or rule was applied or not applied. You can find links to the 'Price Check Tool' on the RATES, CALENDAR and SUPPORT pages.


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