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Market Intelligence
This page contains information and links to studies and research ressources. 

1's predictions for the return of travel in 2022 (Posted: 25 November 2022)

Did you know that the most popular type of vacation next year will be nostalgic getaways, with 88% of travelers wanting this trip in 2023? And that 58% of travelers want to learn survival skills on a trip in 2023, with 39% even wanting to learn to prep for an apocalypse? And that 73% want to travel outside of their comfort zone, with 50% wanting to experience culture shock?

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2's predictions for the return of travel in 2022 (Posted: 29 October 2021) has commissioned extensive research with more than 24,000 travelers across 31 countries and territories and combined it with its proprietary data and insights, to predict how travel will continue to be redefined in next year.

  • 79% of travellers agree that travel helps their mental and emotional wellbeing more than other forms of self-care.
  • 73% of travellers say vacation time will be strictly work-free in the future .
  • 64% of travellers agree that technology will be more important than ever while on vacation.
  • 61% of travellers are now more open to different types of vacations.


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3 What is most essential to travelers today (Posted: 28 September 2021)

As a part of our Elite partnership with Expedia Group, we are committed to sharing data and insights that can help you stay competitive.

Expedia Group’s Traveler Value Index is a new research study that explores the values and preferences of 8,000 travelers in eight countries and offers insights on the evolving expectations of travelers and what they are looking for when booking accommodations.

Key findings

  • More than a third of travelers would swap a salary increase for more vacation days.
  • 1 in 5 travelers expect travel to be the thing they spend the most on in 2021.
  • More than a third of travelers have larger travel budgets now compared to 2020.
  • Half of travelers plan to board a plane in the next 12 months.
  • Nearly ¾ of travelers are comfortable with the concept of a vaccine passport, and enhanced cleanliness continues to be a top priority for travelers when considering a property.
  • No. 1 value to travelers is the ability to get a refund if their plans change, this was especially important for younger travelers and travelers with children.
  • 65% of travelers are more likely to book with travel providers that identify their practices as inclusive, and 59% are willing to spend more to make their trip more sustainable.

Source: Expedia Group

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4 What amenities make a top listing (Posted: 14 September 2021)

Airbnb shared their recent research around the most searched amenities on Airbnb and the difference the the right amenities can make in terms of earnings.

Most searched amenities on Airbnb

  1. Pet-Friendly space
  2. Pool
  3. Wireless Internet.
  4. Kitchen
  5. Jacuzzi

Hosts could earn up to

  • 14% more when adding laptop friendly amenity
  • 13% more when adding self check-in option amenity

Source: Airbnb

More information: File:Airbnb amenities.pdf

Posted: 14 September 2021

Features most searched for (expedia)

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