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This page is about the menu MESSAGES

You can communicate with Airbnb guests directly in Beds24.

View messages from guests

  • You can view all messages from the "API Messages" component on the DASHBOARD.
  • The complete message thread with a guest is available in "API Messages" tab in the booking. Attachments are avialable as links.
  • You and your guests will see the messages in the Airbnb extranet.

Send messages to guests

Open the booking and to to the "API Messages" ab or click on the message on the dashboard to open the thread.

If you need to send attachments to guests you can upload them to your web site and insert a link.

To use templates set up as Auto Actions to reply go to the "Mail & Actions" tab and manually send the Auto Action. Airbnb does not support HTML so you will need to add a plain text version to your Auto Actions so you can use it. The reply will be added to the message thread.

Note: This will only work if API messaging is activated. See the instructions on the Airbnb help page on how to enable this function.