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This page is about the menu PRICES and gives on overview on prices. 

1 General

To show/send availability the system needs a price for the guests selection. If you have no prices for a certain date the system will show no availability. For this reason it is important to keep prices up-to-date.

Tip The price wizard will guide you through the price set up.

The system has two types of prices:

  • Daily Prices
  • Fixed Prices

Which type you use depends on your pricing structure:

1.1 Daily Prices

Daily Prices are prices for one date which are entered in the Calendar. You can have a set of daily prices with different rules.

  • Daily prices flexible and easy to handle.
  • If you want to dynamically adjust prices on a daily basis it is best to use daily prices.
  • Extra Person prices can be sent to the channels that accept occupancy pricing.

This setup wizard guides you though the setup. Please find more information on the help page for daily prices.

1.2 Fixed Prices

Fixed Prices have a start and end date so they apply to a range of dates. If multiple Fixed Prices are available for the same dates the rules of each Fixed Price will determine which Fixed Price is offered.

Use Fixed Prices instead of Daily Prices:

  • If your prices are fixed ahead and you do not want to adjust them and you have none or few seasons
  • If you want to allow guest to enquire when no price can be found but the room is not fully booked
  • If you want to grant referrer discounts

Extra Person Prices can NOT be sent to the Channels.

Please find more information on the help page for Prices Fixed Prices.

1.3 Combination on Daily Prices and Fixed Prices

It is not necessary to use both Daily Prices and Fixed Prices but a combination of Daily Prices and Fixed Prices can be used to fine tune pricing structures.

  • You can use Daily Prices to override the a Fixed Prices for a few individual dates. If you you often adjust prices use Daily Prices only.
  • You can add a Gap Filler fill gaps when using daily prices with minimum stays is required

Rules in Fixed Prices have no effect on Daily Prices.

1.4 Set up Prices

Click on the links below for further details.

The Price Wizard guides you through the price set up.

1.5 Multiplier

You can add a "Multiplier" in the CALENDAR to increase or lower all prices on a certain day or date range.If you use Fixed Prices you can deactivate the multiplier by setting "Allow Multiplier" = No in the Summary tab of the price.

For most channels a "Multiplier" can be set in in channel manger settings. Check the channels help pages for instructions.

A multiplier for the booking page is available in (SETTINGS) BOOKING ENGINE > BOOKING PAGE.

1.6 Check Prices

The 'Price Check Tool' shows you which prices and rules apply for specific dates/selections and why a certain price or rule was applied or not applied.

2 Prices for OTA channels and your own booking page

Prices are used for the channels and/or the Beds24 booking page according to what is ticked under "Enable" in the daily price settings or the "Channels" tab of a price.

See this help page for specific information on how to set prices for OTA channels.

3 Dynamic Prices

If you want to adjust your prices dynamically you have following options:

  • Use Daily Prices and manually adjust prices as required
  • The Beds24 Yield Optimizer (PRICES -> YIELD OPTIMIZER) automatically adjust prices based on demand shortly before check-in.
  • Our partners Pricelabs ( (SETTINGS) > APPS&INTEGRATIONS > PRICELABS) and RoomPriceGenie ( (SETTINGS) > APPS&INTEGRATIONS > ROOMPRICEGENIE) can can automatically send daily prices to Beds24.